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We want everyone with a business idea to get started with confidence, that’s why we offer a free online programme to help anyone gain the key skills they need

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We focus on providing early-stage businesses with a combination of digital and event-based learning, a community and access to networks and peer learning.

Once you’ve registered for Business Builder you’ll get access to the introduction module. You need to complete this first before being given full access to all online material – then you’re free to pick and choose the learning modules that work for you.

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Digital modules

Once you’ve watched the introduction to Business Builder, you’ll be able to access all the modules below, in any order you choose. And we’re adding more all the time. Plus you’ll see our Business Builder events calendar and how to join our online community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Customer Development

Central to any business is your customers, but how much do you actually know about them? Work through the modules, to help you understand key customer groups and the value that you deliver to them.


As a business owner, having an awareness and understanding your mindset can be the difference between success and failure. Explore your own mindset, looking at self-awareness and what holds you back.


Knowing your numbers is key to building a viable business. The modules below will give you some crucial tools to help you understand and manage your finances.

How Business Builder has helped

"An excellent course that puts your idea into actions to start your own business"

Jake White

Alternate States

"I would recommend any early-stage business owner to sign up to it"

Sam Patchitt


"Business Builder really propelled where we are today"

Kaitlin Fritz


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